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The Energy Savings Company

Facilities Management is overseeing Western’s investment in an Energy Savings Company called McKinstry, an independent contracting agency whose expertise is in energy conservation measures. McKinstry is working with Western to locate areas in the university’s infrastructure that can achieve greater energy-conservation. READ MORE...

Western's Guardians

By implementing team cleaning concepts and integrating Green Cleaning technology, ACS has successfully eliminated 75 hazardous and residue-producing cleaning agents from Western’s inventory. And they aren’t stopping there. READ MORE...

Five Colleges, Four Goals

These schools are working on your behalf, and on behalf of the northwest Washington region, to improve education opportunities, connect individuals and organizations with similar sustainability goals, and serve sustainability research and projects in academics and industry. READ MORE...

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Western Sustainability

Western Sustainability is active journalism brought to you by the Office of Sustainability, an organization comitted to serving WWU and the communities in Bellingham, Whatcom County, and the Pacific Northwest through research in renewable energy strategies, promoting resource stewardship, and establishing foundations for a healthy and diverse society.

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